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    UV-Packer has been released in version 1.10 for Autodesk 3ds Max.

    UV-Packer automatically redistributes all UV charts in a UV map for optimal fit. Do you often find yourself spending a lot of time to rearrange charts generated by pelting or do you need to modify UV maps because the proportions of the UV space or the size of the required padding have changed?UV-Packer does it with a single click of a button.It can also rescale the separate UV charts depending on the mesh surface area to even out the pixel distribution across different parts of the mesh.

    UV Packer

    Changes for version 1.10:

    - Added support for Autodesk 3ds Max 2011 and Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2011.
    - Added MAXScript support for UV-Packer.
    - UV chart input data can now be taken from a different UV map channel to prevent undesired overwrites.
    - Padding between UV charts has been adjusted. Charts now also keep correct distance to the edges of the UV map.
    - Added options for fixed aspect ratio and user defined preview colors.
    - Simplified user interface to make using the plug-in even more intuitive.

    UV Packer

    UV-Packer for Autodesk 3ds Max is now available for sale and as a freely downloadable trial version on its homepage: http://packer.3d-plugin.com/download

    UV Packer
    UV-Packer 1.10 is compatible with:

    3ds MAX 2011 32 bit
    3ds MAX 2011 64 bit
    3ds MAX 2010 32 bit
    3ds MAX 2010 64 bit
    3ds MAX 2009 32 bit
    3ds MAX 2009 64 bit
    3ds MAX 2008 32 bit
    3ds MAX 2008 64 bit
    3ds MAX 9 32 bit
    3ds MAX 9 64 bit

    UV Packer

    Microsoft .NET 2.0 installed
    Microsoft DirectX 9.0c

    UV Packer
    UV Packer
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